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Technology Innovations

At Breckinridge, we’re not just operators of technology, we’re creators of technology.

Since our founding, we have always pushed ourselves to innovate technologically. It’s a cultural priority that’s infused in every aspect of our business, empowering employees to continuously advance our caliber of investment grade fixed income investment management.

Our portfolio managers, traders and research analysts work side-by-side with internal software engineers to share bottom-up ideas, help us deploy our resources more efficiently and keep pushing our investment technology forward.

We are highly invested in our clients' success, and innovation allows us to better serve our clients at every step of the way. Our culture of innovation has led to the development of cutting-edge proprietary technology and techniques that have enabled us to better capture market inefficiencies, manage portfolios, analyze issuers, mitigate risk and embrace customization for our clients.


A sampling of Breckinridge’s
technological innovations:

Integrated Operating System

Breckinridge’s integrated operating system houses all of our proprietary software, seamlessly weaving together all of our custom technological solutions. The system spans the firm, serving portfolio management, trading and research and operations, enabling a more unified, collaborative investment process.

Portfolio Rules Engine

Our proprietary rules engine enables Breckinridge to invest portfolios to the exact specifications of client guidelines and strategy parameters. The engine continuously tests portfolios from a variety of standpoints (duration, maturity, sector weightings, etc.) and alerts our portfolio managers in real-time should any portfolio fall outside of coded rules.

Advanced Trading Technology

Breckinridge’s advanced trading technology enables our traders to more effectively match opportunities with portfolio needs. This technology provides a real-time window into the marketplace—combining bond offerings with internal credit opinions and portfolio inquiry to provide our traders with a comprehensive view of the information required to quickly recognize value and more efficiently fulfill portfolio needs.

Credit Scoring Engine

Breckinridge’s internally developed credit scoring engine provides our research team with an incredibly robust and flexible platform to automate the assessment of material data points and factors to more effectively identify salient credit trends, establish preliminary credit views and generate internal ratings. The highly flexible engine has enabled our wide breadth of municipal coverage and has powered our innovative sector-based ESG frameworks.

Core Infrastructure

Breckinridge’s Information Technology team is committed to preserving business continuity and protecting firm data. Our mission-critical systems are housed in two datacenters in separate geographical locations. These datacenters connect to our Boston and San Diego offices through a redundant private fiber network. Each datacenter is capable of supporting full operations in the event of a major systems failure. We also regularly monitor information security framework best practices and continue to strengthen controls and procedures to minimize the risk of data loss or breach.