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Anthony Greco

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony is Breckinridge’s chief operating officer. He is a member of the firm's Executive and Risk Committees. In his role, Anthony oversees business operations and manages both internal and external controls. Anthony joined Breckinridge in 2004 and has been promoted several times during his tenure with the firm. Prior to moving into his current role in May 2016, Anthony was a senior vice president on the portfolio management team. Prior to moving to portfolio management in 2014, he was a member of the trading team, initially joining in 2008 and rising to head of trading in 2013. In addition to his roles on the investment team, Anthony has been a key architect of the proprietary technology employed by the firm. His vision and insight have been instrumental in the development of Breckinridge’s trading and portfolio management platforms as well as the reconciliation systems utilized by the firm. Prior to his move to the investment side of the business, Anthony served Breckinridge in a variety of operational capacities, from client services to account reconciliation to portfolio management support. Anthony holds a B.S. in accounting from Stonehill College.