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Press Coverage

Below are recent news articles that feature Breckinridge perspectives and quotes from our experts.

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From Politics to Disclosure Funding, Issuers Are Navigating a Tough Climate

May 24, 2024 - There are a myriad of challenges facing state, city, county, and local governments to fund vast infrastructure needs amid shifting climate and severe weather events. In this recent Bond Buyer article, Adam Stern shares that through conversations with municipal governments, we’ve learned that many communities are taking climate issues into account as a part of their traditional capital planning process. (Subscription required).

Demographic Shifts Move U.S. Population Toward Eye of the Climate Storm 
The Bond Buyer, May 23, 2024

Breckinridge is quoted in a recent Bond Buyer article that discusses the acute and chronic climate-related risks that many cities across the U.S. are facing, and how municipal bond issuance may ramp up in the next few years to fund projects to address these risks. (Subscription required). 

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Advisors Say Move Quickly To Lock In Yields Before Rate Cuts 
Financial Advisor Magazine, May 23, 2024

Co-Head of Portfolio Management, Jeff Glenn, is quoted in a recent Financial Advisor Magazine article on the Federal Reserve’s decision to not reduce interest rates so far this year and how fixed-income investors may be able to use higher rates to their advantage.

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Investors Bet on Municipal Bonds Despite Accelerating Climate Concerns
The Bond Buyer, May 22, 2024

Despite increased dangers triggered by climate change, Ruth Ducret, among other researchers across the U.S., believes that the municipal market is not currently pricing in climate-related risks as stated in a recent Bond Buyer article. (Subscription required).  

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Banks Set for Bond Issuance Spree After Reporting Earnings
Bloomberg Law, April 12, 2024

Nick Elfner shares his thoughts on the likelihood of the six biggest banks generating an unusually large amount of supply for corporate bonds this month. (Subscription required). 

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Why the Stock Market Doesn't Care About Rate Cuts: John Authers 
Bloomberg, March 14, 2024 

Co-Head of Research, Nick Elfner, is quoted in this recent Bloomberg article discussing whether Fed rate cut projections have been overdone and what the next FOMC dot plot could mean for the market over the rest of the year.

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Navigating the Climate Transition Noise
ESG Currents, February 28, 2024

Rob Fernandez and Tim Coffin join Bloomberg Intelligence’s ESG Currents podcast to discuss the rapidly evolving ESG space, the physical risks and themes of climate change, Net Zero goals, and key considerations for asset managers navigating sustainability issues.

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Wave of Cash Seen Washing Into Credit as Investors Seek Duration
Bloomberg, February 23, 2024 

Nick Elfner, Co-head of Research, is quoted in a recent Bloomberg article discussing projections for cash flows into corporate debt after 2023 saw a spike in flows to money market funds. (Subscription required). 

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Net-Zero Push is ‘Misunderstood,’ Breckinridge President Says
FundFire, January 30, 2024

In our view, the early push to divest completely from fossil fuels may have caused some to miss opportunities to ‘direct capital’ to the energy transition. Tune in to President Peter Coffin’s interview with Fund Fire at the Future of Asset Management Conference to learn more. 

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Munis Little Changed While Ratio Richness Lingers
The Bond Buyer, January 29, 2024

Adam Stern, Co-Head of Research, was featured in a recent Bond Buyer article sharing recent trends in the municipal bond market and what this could mean for 2024. (Subscription required).

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US Corporate Bond Sales Hit $176 Billion in Busiest January Ever
Bloomberg, January 29, 2024

Nick Elfner is quoted in a recent Bloomberg article regarding the record in corporate bond sales for January, and how companies are looking to take advantage of drops in longer-term borrowing costs.

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