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Press Coverage

Below are recent news articles that feature Breckinridge perspectives and quotes from our experts.

For media inquiries, please contact Kristin Wetherbee at or (617) 443-1120.

Cities Threatened by Climate Risk Still Getting AAA Bond Ratings

November 2, 2018 – Co-head of research, Adam Stern, comments on why municipalities that are susceptible to climate risk are not seeing downgrades from rating agencies. Read more in Bloomberg.

Like Hartford, New Haven “Scoops & Tosses”
New Haven Independent, July 31, 2018

Co-head of research, Adam Stern, spoke with the New Haven Independent about why New Haven may be refinancing their debt refinancing and what that could mean for the city.

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Coastal Real Estate Increasingly at Risk of Chronic Flooding as Sea Level Rises
Inside Climate News, June 18, 2018

Inside Climate News covered a new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists that uses real estate data to assess flood risk. Analyst Andrew Teras is quoted on how property values and in turn credit quality could be impacted by these risks.

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New Dataset From Four Twenty Seven Will Help Evaluate Climate Risk
Bond Buyer, May 31, 2018

The Bond Buyer features the new software application by Four Twenty Seven that models climate risk for cities and counties. Breckinridge, also quoted in the article, licensed the data to use as another factor to help compare and evaluate climate exposure in our investment universe.

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Sustainable Investing Has Become Mainstream
Medill Reports, March 16, 2018

Director of Sustainability, Tim Coffin, spoke with a student reporter at Northwestern’s Medill Reports about the evolution of sustainable investing and what it means for investors.

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The Tax Law Gives Municipal Bonds a New Allure
New York Times, February 23, 2018

Co-head of research, Adam Stern, was quoted in a New York Times article on the rising attractiveness of municipal bonds post tax reform.

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Credit-Worthiness in a Changing Climate
Living on Earth, January 26, 2018

Breckinridge analyst, Andrew Teras, spoke with Living on Earth on the credit risks posed by climate change and what rating agencies and cities can do to address these risks.

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