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Our Approach

Our mission is to work to provide the highest caliber of investment management, thereby facilitating a sustainable flow of capital from long-term investors to responsible issuers.

Top-down Macro Economic Outlook

Our investment philosophy holds that investors are well served by counterbalancing higher-risk assets with high quality investments.

Rigorous Bottom-Up Research

Rigorous, independent research is a hallmark of Breckinridge, driving security selection and ensuring holdings meet our standards for risk and return.

ESG Integration

We believe that there is a powerful investment case for sustainability, and we view ESG factors as critical to our investment research and analysis.

Customizing Separate Accounts

How you invest matters. At Breckinridge, we believe customized separate accounts offer important benefits to our clients.

Technology Innovations

Breckinridge’s commitment to innovation and technology continues to help bring more impact, agility and efficiency to our client portfolios.