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Our Clients

Partnering with a national network of investment advisors and institutional consultants, Breckinridge manages investment grade fixed income portfolios for a wide variety of clients, ranging from high net worth individuals to large institutions. Our clients include both taxable and tax-exempt investors, such as corporations, colleges and universities, foundations, public retirement and post-employment benefit trusts, Taft-Hartley plans, insurance companies, asbestos trusts and family and multifamily offices, among others.

Investor / Consultant Services

Markets change and risks and opportunities evolve. For client communications, our overriding objective is to provide timely, succinct and cogent information on our strategies, market outlook and portfolio positioning.

To meet our client service objectives, efforts from our consultant relations team include:

  • Market and strategy updates
  • Portfolio analyses on prospective client accounts
  • Client conference calls and account reviews
  • Onsite finals presentations
  • Timely podcasts, webinars, commentaries and white papers
  • Ongoing consultation services
  • Thorough client reporting


To learn more about our services, please contact our consultant relations team at or (617) 443-1120.