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Forward-Looking Fixed Income Investing


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Investing across a variety of investment grade bond sectors—benchmarked against Bloomberg U.S. Government/Credit or U.S. Aggregate Indexes.

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Sector Focused

Investing predominantly in municipal and government bonds—benchmarked against Bloomberg Municipal Bond or Managed Money Indexes.

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Emphasizing ESG performance by targeting issuers with above average and improving ESG profiles as well as values-aligned solutions.

2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

We're excited to announce the publication of our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report. This report offers an overview of our approach and commitment to sustainability both in our investment process and our business operations. This year our CSR highlights, in depth, the areas that commanded the most of our attention and where we made the most progress. Explore the report in the link below.



There's Nothing Passive About Net Zero in Fixed Income

Our analytical and actively managed approach, in our view, combines three key elements that are essential to reaching net zero goals.

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A Rapid Rise in Yields is Changing the Fixed Income Conversation

As we enter the last quarter of the year, investors grapple with changing prospects for the economy and investment markets. Hear from our CIO on key market issues and projected trends.

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Climate Risk and Fixed Income Investing

Current events over the past year remind us just how important it is to pay attention to what science tells us when we address investment risks—especially the risks that arise when mankind interacts with nature.

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Our People

Peter Coffin

President and Founder, has steadily grown Breckinridge through a unique take on investment-grade fixed income investing.

Rather than innovating to create novel investment products, Breckinridge leverages new technology to continuously improve our caliber of fixed income management.

Meet Peter

Adam Stern

Co-Head of Research, leads the firm’s municipal research efforts and sits on the Investment Committee.

First and foremost, my role is to help our clients’ protect their capital. At Breckinridge, we are managing clients’ “safe” money, and we take that obligation very seriously.

Meet Adam

Sara Chanda

Senior Portfolio Manager, is responsible for the day-to-day management and monitoring of client portfolios and sits on the Investment Committee.

As a member of portfolio management, I spend a lot of time and energy making sure that our client portfolios are getting the attention they need and are being invested the way they should be.

Meet Sara

Get to know Breckinridge.

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