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Forward-Looking Fixed Income Investing


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Investing across a variety of investment grade bond sectors—benchmarked against Bloomberg U.S. Government/Credit or U.S. Aggregate Indexes.

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Sector Focused

Investing predominantly in municipal and government bonds—benchmarked against Bloomberg Municipal Bond or Managed Money Indexes.

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Emphasizing ESG performance by targeting issuers with above average and improving ESG profiles as well as values-aligned solutions.

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report

The year 2020 was one of uncertainty in many respects. Our 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report highlights work we have undertaken during the year as defined by enduring truths that guide us as a company, as employees and as members of our communities. This report offers an overview of our approach and commitment to sustainability both in our investment process and business operations.



More Powerful Philanthropy

Breckinridge integrates ESG analysis in our investment process. We work with community foundations and financial advisors throughout the U.S. interested in understanding the alignment of charitable-giving and investing objectives.

Our Firm Capabilities

Our investment philosophy holds that investors are well served by counterbalancing higher-risk assets with high quality fixed income investments. We developed our process, people and technology to address client goals through shifting market environments.

Q3 2021 ESG Newsletter

We examine the ESG factors that the pandemic brought into sharper focus in different regions of the country, how the Biden administration is addressing the themes of environmental justice and climate justice, and climate proposals in the EU.


Our People

Timothy Coffin

Director, Sustainability, leads the firm’s corporate sustainability efforts and helps further business development.

Breckinridge embraces sustainability not only in our business philosophy, but also in our investment philosophy. We firmly believe that analyzing material ESG factors and integrating that into our research process makes us smarter investors.

Meet Timothy

Ruth Ducret

Senior Municipal Research Analyst, analyzes state and local government issuers, the tax-backed and non-profit hospital sectors.

I enjoy uncovering aspects of issuers that are not in published rating agency reports and helping drive better investment decisions.

Meet Ruth

Robert Fernandez

Director, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Research, leads the firm’s integration and analysis of ESG factors.

Being one of the first, if not the first, in the industry to integrate ESG in investment-grade fixed income, we wanted to make sure we were innovative and thoughtful in our integration approach.

Meet Robert

Get to know Breckinridge.

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