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Consultant Relations

Christina Lynch

Vice President

Christina, vice president, is a consultant relations manager at Breckinridge. She is also a member of the firm’s Sustainability Committee. In her role, Christina is responsible for relationship management and new business development. Christina has been with the firm since December 2016 and has over 8 years of investment industry experience. Prior to Breckinridge, she was a senior member of the advisory services team for Gurtin Municipal Bond Management. Christina holds a B.S. in finance from Villanova University. She holds a Series 65 license. Christina is based in San Diego.


On the role of consultant relations at Breckinridge…

"Putting the client first is a consistent theme across all we do. We don’t just want to meet our clients’ needs, we want to anticipate their next need and their next question. It is paramount that we ensure an enjoyable, valuable and educational experience for our clients.

What makes Breckinridge stand apart…

"I think what sets us apart from competitors is our willingness to sit at the same side of the table as the client. We’re not looking to inject our own views or values into client portfolios; rather, we meet clients where they are, and work with them to help them accomplish their investment objectives. Our proven ability to customize many aspects of client portfolios differentiates us in the marketplace.

On what she finds most fulfilling…

"Educating our clients. We are an “inch wide and a mile- deep” in our fixed income services, so every part of our business is nuanced, highly focused and specialized. I enjoy sharing with clients how hard we’re working on their portfolios and how much we’re striving to innovate and push the ball forward.

On Breckinridge’s culture…

"If I had to pick one word, I’d describe the culture as authentic. Everyone is committed to overall improvement, accountability and positivity, and I find that very estimable. At Breckinridge, an open dialog surrounds every conversation related to transparency and innovation, and I think that’s important and unique.

On what brought her to Breckinridge…

"One of the main reasons that I wanted to work at Breckinridge was the firm’s commitment to sustainability. More often than not, Breckinridge’s sustainability efforts at both the firm and the investment level are central themes in my conversations with clients. I think our clients appreciate knowing that their investment manager is a certified B Corp, helping to lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good. At the same time, I think clients are excited about the ability to customize and align their Breckinridge portfolios with their personal values.



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