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Portfolio Management

Matthew Buscone

Co-Head of Portfolio Management

Matt is co-head of portfolio management. He sits on the firm’s Investment Committee where he is jointly responsible for setting the firm’s investment outlook and the translation into portfolio strategy. Matt is also a member of the Executive Committee. In his role, Matt oversees the management of the firm’s tax-efficient bond portfolios. Matt joined Breckinridge in 2002 as a trader and transitioned to portfolio management in 2008. He has over 28 years of industry experience. Prior to Breckinridge, Matt was a tax-exempt trader at Mellon Private Asset Management. Before Mellon, Matt was a portfolio manager at David L. Babson & Co. for both taxable and tax-exempt money market portfolios. Matt holds a B.A. in economics from Bryant College.

On his role…

“I am lucky in that I get to wear different hats. In my day-to-day work, I oversee municipal portfolio management, but I’m also a member of the Investment Committee and support consultant relations with client meetings. I appreciate being able to interact with clients and the perspective it brings me. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia from day to day, but when I sit down with a client, I get a real sense of what they are looking for from Breckinridge. What really brings it home for me is when I am doing an actual trade in a portfolio and have full confidence that it’s what the client wants.

On the Investment Committee…

“One thing I think that’s unique about our Investment Committee is the blend of people on the team. Half of the Committee comes from our credit research staff and the other half comes from the portfolio management team. We have a diverse set of backgrounds and that brings diverse ideas to the table, but we’re also comfortable enough to challenge each other in order to decide on our best ideas.

On opening the San Diego office…

“We were all in one office before opening the San Diego office. We moved 5 employees—4 of which were investment professionals—2,500 miles away from Boston to open our west coast location. My number one concern was that we would lose the level of communication and collaboration we had as one physical unit. We immediately worked with our information technology team to establish a live video feed and a Skype instant messaging connection between the two offices. Efforts like these have helped make us all feel like we’re still in one place.

On what he finds most fulfilling…

“It’s seeing the theoretical come to fruition. I’ve been with Breckinridge for over 14 years and a lot of ideas have been put out there in my time here. I never would have imagined that we would have been able to put as many ideas into practice as we have. Our culture of innovation never ceases to amaze me. We’re all jointly committed to finding ways to be more efficient.

On working for an independent company…

“The independent ownership that we have at Breckinridge resonates with a lot of clients and prospects. I think when people know that we are employee owned and have great employee retention, there is a real sense that employees are not only doing a good job because they want to, but also because they have a stake in the firm’s success. It really keeps everybody here dedicated and focused.



Perspective by Matthew Buscone
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