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Consultant Relations

Phillip Newell

Executive Vice President
Director of Consultant Relations

Phil, executive vice president, oversees the consultant relations and marketing teams at Breckinridge. Phil sits on the firm’s Executive Committee. In his role, Phil directs overall consultant relations and business development strategy and manages many of the firm’s key relationships. Phil has been with the firm since 1998 and has over 28 years of investment industry experience. Prior to Breckinridge, Phil spent 10 years in institutional fixed income sales and trading at several regional brokerage firms. Before that, Phil held the role of investment officer at Shawmut Bank of Boston. He received a B.A. in economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Phil holds a Series 65 license.

On the most critical part of his role…

“I think the most critical part of my job—and everyone’s job in consultant relations—is to accurately and cogently express our investment philosophy and our process to those who would potentially invest in Breckinridge. We want to accurately communicate the amount of effort, energy and intellectual capital that we are putting into our investment products.

On what makes Breckinridge stand apart…

“One of our strongest differentiators is our culture of innovation. We are always striving to improve everything that we do at Breckinridge across all functional groups, and this is backed with an investment in capital, people and technology.

On Breckinridge’s customization ability…

“Every client is unique, and our ability to customize to the specific investment objectives and risk tolerances of an individual client is a huge advantage. Over the past twenty years, we have continued to expand our customization abilities, but I think what’s most important is not our ability to customize, but our willingness to customize.

On Breckinridge’s growth…

“The most difficult thing, I think, for any growing company is to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. The fact that we have maintained a corporate culture that is entrepreneurial, collaborative and supportive is the best thing about our evolution, in my view. To this day, we will act on any great idea—whether it’s from the most junior person or the most senior person at the firm.

On technology and innovation…

“There is a significant commitment to technology at Breckinridge to improve efficiency, manage risk and, most importantly, free our investment professionals from any time-consuming, non-investment-related elements of managing client portfolios. We see this as important because we want our investment professionals to add value by leveraging their expertise and their experience as opposed to spending time on administrative functions.