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At Breckinridge, ESG integration is more than a product offering: It’s an investment philosophy that aligns with our tradition of in-depth credit research and our long-term perspective.

As one of the leaders in ESG integration within the fixed income space, we are thoughtful and innovative in our ESG research and analysis. A careful quantitative and qualitative ESG assessment is fully integrated into our research process. Our sustainability ratings help inform our overall credit ratings and our portfolio management decisions.

We evaluate ESG factors across corporate as well as municipal issuers. Our proprietary quantitative frameworks draw on external data from a range of highly respected non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and sustainability ratings providers. Our qualitative assessment is based on internal research and analysis, including engagement calls with issuers. This nuanced process requires analyst judgment, based on sector- and issuer-level materiality considerations. The result is a rich and comprehensive perspective on the issuers in which we invest.

Over the years, we’ve continued to refine our ESG research and develop new tools and capabilities to further enhance our sustainability insights. Through our continuing commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to lead by example within a highly dynamic space. We are also involved in emerging areas, such as impact investing in liquid assets.

Through our ESG investment efforts, we aim to reward issuers who prioritize strong sustainability practices. At the same time, by advancing the investment case for ESG, we hope to galvanize the broader investor community toward mainstream adoption of ESG and sustainability principles.