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2021 Press Coverage

Below are news articles from 2021 that feature Breckinridge perspectives and quotes from our experts.

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Managers March into New Markets, Armed with Tech and Partnerships
FundFire, December 14, 2021

Tim Coffin is quoted in a FundFire article on breaking into new markets. He highlights our efforts and progress in entering the European market this year.

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Q&A: How to Manage Climate-Change Risk in Fixed-Income Portfolios
U.S. News, December 6, 2021

Breckinridge CIO, Oggie Sosa, is featured in a Q&A with U.S. News that discusses how we view climate change as a risk multiplier for the investment grade bond market.

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Green bonds face new questions over authenticity
Financial Times, November 28, 2021

Rob Fernandez is quoted in Financial Times on the importance of transparency and standardized reporting for ESG.

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Muni investors and issuers evaluate climate risks
The Bond Buyer, November 18, 2021

The Bond Buyer provides a recap a discussion last week on the impact of climate change on state and local finances. Tim Coffin, director of Sustainability, is quoted on how the muni market is on the front lines of climate change. (Subscription required)

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Key Climate-Related Considerations for Investment Grade Bonds
Advisor Magazine, November 1, 2021

A byline by Rob Fernandez, Director of ESG Research, is featured in the November Advisor Magazine. He discusses how Breckinridge examines climate risk when conducting investment research.

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Despite Losing Market Share, Smaller Asset Managers Keep Battling the Giants
Institutional Investor, October 29, 2021

Breckinridge CIO, Oggie Sosa, spoke with Institutional Investor on the benefits of working with a smaller asset manager. He is quoted on our ability to be more nimble and innovative.

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Overseas buyers drive tight US credit backdrop
IFR, October 22, 2021

Foreign investors are close to setting a new record for purchasing US corporate credit. Nick Elfner is quoted in IFR article that discusses the impact of these buyers on the market.

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Munis to Absorb First Hit From Climate Change: Breckinridge Q&A
Bloomberg, October 13, 2021

President Peter Coffin is featured in this Q&A with Bloomberg discussing the importance of taking climate risk into account when looking at muni bonds. (Subscription required)

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US corporate leverage drops to pre-pandemic levels
IFR, September 21, 2021

IFR quotes Nick Elfner on the trends he is seeing in US corporate leverage. (Subscription required).

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Borrowers Storm U.S. High-Grade Bond Market With 21 Deals
Bloomberg, September 7, 2021

Nick Elfner, co-head of research, comments on why there are so many corporate issuers selling bonds in the investment grade market this week.

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Billion-Dollar Muni Deals a Rarity as Free Cash, Revenue Pile Up
Bloomberg, August 31, 2021

Co-head of portfolio management, Matt Buscone, is quoted in Bloomberg on the size and pace of deals in the muni bond market this year. (Subscription required).

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Triple Bs gain momentum as IG buyers pick best spots
Creditflux, July 29, 2021

Nick Elfner is quoted in Creditflux on opportunities in the corporate credit market as credit spreads remain tight. (Subscription required).

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Credit Rally Revives Amid Insatiable Demand After Fleeting Dip
Bloomberg, July 9, 2021

Co-head of research, Nick Elfner, comments on recent activity in the corporate bond markets in this article from Bloomberg. (Subscription required)

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5 ESG experts break down the business case for gender equality in the workplace, and explain why companies could suffer for decades when it is ignored
Insider, June 30, 2021

Abi Ingalls spoke with Insider about the importance of considering gender criteria when analyzing investments and also the importance of mentorship in closing the gender gap.

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NatWest, ABN Amro add to Yankee supply in dollar bond market
IFR, June 9, 2021

Nick Elfner is quoted in IFR noting that the wave of foreign supply in investment grade bonds has allowed the team to diversify holdings and capture more spread. (Subscription required)

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As Fed Exits Credit, Investors See ‘Helicopter Parent’ Close By
June 3, 2021

Nick Elfner's comments on the Fed's decision to begin unwinding its backstop of corporate debt are included in a variety of recent articles. Read more below.

Bloomberg CNN Grant's Daily MarketWatch

How the $1 trillion market for ‘green’ bonds is changing Wall Street
CNBC, May 28, 2021

CNBC interviewed Rob Fernandez about the growing green bond market.

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US ABS issuance posts biggest week since September
IFR, May 21, 2021

Securitized trader John Bastoni is quoted in IFR on the recent spike in ABS issuance. (Subscription required).

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Fixed Income and ESG — A natural investing partnership
The Bond Buyer, May 3, 2021

In case you missed it live, the replay of Peter Coffin's panel discussion on The Bond Buyer's Leaders forum is available on their website. Peter, and Andrew McCollum of Greenwich Associates, discuss our recent report on ESG and investment grade fixed income, and ESG in the muni market. (Subscription required).


The corporate narrative had to be more agile’: How the pandemic intensified the content role of CMOs
DigiDay, April 30, 2021

Breckinridge CMO, Dominica Ribeiro, is quoted in Digiday on the growing role of CMOs as "editor-in-chief" in the current environment.

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J&J debt trades lower after pause of one-shot COVID-19 vaccine
MarketWatch, April 13, 2021

Nick Elfner is quoted in MarketWatch on what the pause of the J&J vaccine means for the corporate bond market. Despite the news, we view the macro backdrop of the U.S. as constructive.

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Bonds becoming favorite of green investors
Pensions & Investments, April 5, 2021

Pensions & Investments features Breckinridge President and Founder, Peter Coffin, in an article on fixed income and ESG investing. Using data from our 2020 study with Greenwich Associates, it looks at why investment grade fixed income is appealing for ESG investors. (Subscription required).

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ESG-Backing Institutions’ Fave Allocation: Investment Grade Bonds
Chief Investment Officer, March 10, 2021

Our recent study with Greenwich Associates is featured in CIO, saying "[investment grade bonds are] the top asset in those sustainable portfolios, with 81% opting for them, survey says."

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A Conversation with Abigail Ingalls: Gender Lens Investing
Life & Health Advisor, April 2021

Dominica Ribeiro and Abi Ingalls are guest editors in this month's Life & Health Advisor digital issue. Their article discusses the state of gender lens investing and what the future holds for investors, companies and society in general regarding the advancement and empowerment of women.

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Why You Should Own Bonds Directly
ValueWalks, March 31, 2021

In this episode of the ValueTalks podcast, Peter Coffin discusses his approach to bond investing and why it is better for investor’s to own the bonds directly.

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High-Grade Bonds And ESG Are A Good Match, Says Bond Manager
Financial Advisor Magazine, March 23, 2021

Financial Advisor Magazine highlighted key takeaways from our webinar with Greenwich Associates. Peter Coffin and Jeff Glenn are quoted on what we learned from our recent study with institutional investors.

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Investors increasingly want to know the impact bonds have on the world
Investment News, March 4, 2021

Tim Coffin spoke with Liz Skinner about what ESG investors are focused on in their portfolios for Investment News' 3 Questions video series.

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Managers Add Headcount, Credentials to Meet ESG Demands
FundFire, March 2, 2021

Rob Fernandez spoke with FundFire about the firm's ongoing efforts to learn more about DEI and how it can be incorporated into our research.

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Inside money managers' scramble to get a grip on socially conscious investing as the Biden era dawns
Business Insider, February 9, 2021

The Biden administration is expected to be more supportive of ESG investing among other sustainability related work. Rob Fernandez spoke with Business Insider on what the investment management industry is watching as the new admin gets to work. (Subscription required)

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Equipment ABS supply builds in hunt for yield
IFR, February 1, 2021

John Bastoni comments on the ABS market in a interview with IFR.

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Bond Market Tax Haven Shrinks as Corporate-Style Munis Surge
Bloomberg, January 11, 2021

Adam Stern spoke with Bloomberg about the recent volume of taxable municipal bond sales.

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Credit Markets Rally on Blue Wave Prospect for Greater Stimulus
Bloomberg, January 6, 2021

In the wake of the Georgia election results, Nick Elfner comments on the potential impact to the investment grade corporate bond market. (Subscription required)

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