Our distinct approach to investing is characterized by our singular focus on high-quality fixed income; strong belief in customized separate accounts; and commitment to rigorous bottom-up credit research, ESG integration and continuous innovation.

High-Quality Fixed Income Focus

Since our founding, Breckinridge has focused exclusively on managing high-quality fixed income portfolios for clients.

Customized Separate Accounts

At Breckinridge, all portfolios are managed in separate accounts. We believe separate accounts offer important benefits to our clients.

Intense Credit Analysis

Rigorous, independent research is a hallmark of Breckinridge, driving security selection and ensuring holdings meet our standards for risk and return.

Experts in ESG Integration

We believe that there is a powerful investment case for sustainability, and we view ESG factors as critical in our investment research and analysis.

Embracing Technology

Breckinridge’s commitment to innovation and technology continues to bring more impact, agility and efficiency to our client portfolios.