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High Quality Dividend

  • Market Cap Large Cap
  • Benchmark S&P 500

The High Quality1 Dividend Strategy seeks to generate a reliable income from dividends along with long term capital appreciation by investing in large cap2, investment-grade companies with a strong record of paying dividends. Believing that credit quality can be an excellent predictor of a company’s reliability as a dividend payer, the strategy leverages Breckinridge’s research by imbedding the firm’s credit ratings in a rules-based methodology that selects stocks according to fundamental criteria to capture strong dividend payer attributes, as defined by our investment team. This strategy is offered through separately managed accounts and can be managed on a tax-aware basis. 

Investment Objective

Generate stable dividend income and long-term capital appreciation

Eligible Investments

Large cap, investment grade U.S. corporate debt issuers with a historical record of consistently paying dividends

Strategy Information

Inception Date: October 2022

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[1] High quality means the strategy invests solely in investment grade companies that issue public debt and that pay dividends. There is no guarantee that companies will continue to pay dividends or that dividends will increase.

[2] Breckinridge generally considers large cap to be above $10B.