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2017 Press Coverage

Below are news articles from 2017 that feature Breckinridge perspectives and quotes from our experts.

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Demand Rush Drops U.S. High-Grade Bond Spread to 2007 Levels
Bloomberg, December 28, 2017

Co-head of research, Nick Elfner, is quoted in Bloomberg on some of the reasons for the tight spreads in the IG corporate bond market.

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Moody's Warns Cities to Address Climate Risks or Face Downgrades
Bloomberg, November 29, 2017

Adam Stern, co-head of research, is quoted in Bloomberg’s article discussing a new Moody’s report about the incorporation of climate risk into credit ratings.

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Nearly Two-Dozen Public Gender-Lens Investment Vehicles Hold $910 Million
Impact Alpha, November 17, 2017

Impact Alpha reports on a new analysis about the growth of gender lens investment vehicles. Breckinridge is listed as one of the asset managers with a gender lens strategy.

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Why Isn't the Bond Market More Worried About Climate Change?
Slate, October 28, 2017

Co-head of research, Adam Stern, talked to Slate about the impacts of climate and natural disasters on the credit quality of communities.

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Climate Change Risk Could Lower a City’s Credit Rating
NPR's Marketplace, October 26, 2017

NPR’s Marketplace discusses how credit ratings are being impacted by climate change. Our director of ESG research, Rob Fernandez, is quoted on how lower rating could impact communities. (Audio)

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Waking Up to Reality: The Race to Put Numbers On Climate Risk
Global Capital, September 29, 2017

Director of ESG research, Rob Fernandez, spoke with Global Capital about investors' needs for standardized information on company carbon footprints.

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Widening Our View of ESG Investing
Stanford Social Innovation Review, July 21, 2017

The Stanford Social Innovation Review highlights our engagement efforts in an article that discusses strategies for ESG investing. Director of engagement, Jem Hudson, is quoted.

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Investing with 'green' ratings? It's a gray area
Reuters, June 26, 2017

Our director of ESG research, Rob Fernandez, spoke with Reuters about company sustainability assessments and how they can differ among ESG research providers.

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Rising Seas May Wipe Out Jersey Towns and Millions in AAA Bonds
Bloomberg, May 25, 2017

Are rating agencies taking climate risk into account? Bloomberg interviewed our director of ESG research, Rob Fernandez, on climate risk in credit research.

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Investors Weigh in on Integrating Green Bonds
Conservation Finance Network, April 19, 2017

Conservation Finance Network looks into how investors are thinking about green bonds. Director of ESG research, Rob Fernandez, discusses how Breckinridge analyzes green bonds and integrates ESG factors when investing.

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Incorporating ESG Considerations into Engagement Practices
High Meadows Institute, March 2017

We are pleased to be included in a report from the High Meadows Institute and Harvard Business School’s George Serafeim. Read more about our ESG engagement process in the case study on page 9.

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Beyond Category
CFA Institute Magazine, March 2017

Director of ESG Research, Rob Fernandez, spoke with CFA Institute Magazine about the growing prevalence of ESG investing and efforts to improve reporting and standardization.

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Breckinridge Adopts Social Progress Index to Underwrite Muni Credit Risk
Impact Alpha, March 7, 2017

Impact Alpha highlights our recently developed city/county analysis framework that is modeled after the globally recognized Social Progress Index (SPI).

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Impact Investing in the age of President Trump
Investment News, March 5, 2017

Director of sustainability, Tim Coffin, talked to Investment News about fixed income impact investing.

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Breckinridge Bets on 'Inclusiveness' More Than Economic Factors
Bloomberg, February 15, 2017

Director of ESG research, Rob Fernandez, and director of engagement, Jem Hudson, spoke with Bloomberg about our recently developed sustainable city/county analysis framework.

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Sanctuary Cities Order Foreshadows Turbulence for City Credits
Bond Buyer, February 2, 2017

Bond Buyer article on sanctuary cities quotes a blog post by our director of municipal research, Adam Stern, on the potential credit impact of defunding these cities.

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