Corporate Citizenship

By providing time and money through volunteering and charitable giving, we believe we’re building stronger communities and engaging employees to connect around their shared values.

The pandemic hit our communities hard, and we shifted to more monetary giving while we prioritized the health and safety of our employees during 2020 and 2021. We were thrilled to get our boots back on the ground in 2022, and increased our total time volunteered to almost pre-pandemic levels.

One of the ways we did this was through our Ambassador Program, which is intended to make a more significant impact with a smaller number of nonprofit organizations. Our employee-led teams build relationships with our four main nonprofit partners: The Trustees of Reservations, The Home for Little Wanderers (Somerville Village), The REAL Program, and Pine Street Inn. The teams are charged with creating meaningful volunteer events for our staff and partners, allocating the firm’s charitable budget to the organizations’ key initiatives, and educating staff about the nonprofits and their missions.

Through our Ambassador Program: 

  • We’ve cleaned up our parks and open spaces to make sure that access to clean, safe and enjoyable green space is open to all
  • We’ve helped local farms to support farmers and ensure the community has access to unprocessed healthy foods
  • We’ve supported youth to encourage literacy and education – particularly ensuring that children who “age out” of the public systems have strong support systems to become productive, educated, working members of their communities
  • We’ve engaged on the issue of homelessness, specifically focusing on veterans in transitional housing

In addition to strengthening our communities, volunteering and a passion for giving brings our employees together for team building and connection around a common cause. When employees feel their organization supports causes close to their hearts, we believe they’re more engaged and productive at work, which ultimately ensures better outcomes for our clients.

Several Breckinridge employees sit on community nonprofit boards. By volunteering either during their personal time or using their designated volunteer time off, these employees provide leadership and the value of their experiences to organizations doing important work in our communities. They bring to our offices insights and inspiration that helps our organization as we chart new community involvement and investment initiatives. 

Specifically, several benefits include:

  • Values alignment and personal growth opportunities
  • Development of leadership and professional skills
  • Broadening the firm’s network and reputation
  • Connecting more directly with communities to better understand their needs

Together, we feel our Ambassador Program, broad volunteerism and philanthropy, and employee board membership creates a well-rounded approach to supporting our communities.

By serving on the Board, I get a better understanding of the economic and social challenges impacting Boston residents. It also provides a great way to help drive positive change and create solutions. (Rob serves as the Secretary of the Board for United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley)

Robert Fernandez

Director, ESG Research

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