Our Materiality Map is our roadmap for navigating our sustainability strategy. It is comprised of a list of material topics—based on SASB’s standards for the asset management and custody activities industry—ranked in order of importance by our stakeholders, as gathered from a survey in 2017. Although all seven topics are material to our business, Business Ethics is the most material according to our employees, management, and Board of Directors.

We believe materiality can be dynamic. New topics can surface over time and others can bubble to the top in terms of strategic opportunities and risk mitigation. In 2021, we restructured our report to highlight, in depth, the areas that commanded the most of our attention and where we made the most progress. Like our 2021 report, those topics this year are Net Zero (ESG Integration in Financial Analysis and Operations & Supply Chain) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Human Capital Management). In addition, we’re highlighting the importance of our Corporate Citizenship work. We also include a high-level summary of the continuing efforts and progress made in the additional categories later in the report. Taken together, these sections detail the ways in which Breckinridge pursued general public benefit during the year.

Education around material ESG topics is a priority for Breckinridge. In 2022 we hosted the following ESG Education sessions for employees:

  1. Intro to Composting
  2. Materiality of Emerging Data Privacy Risks
  3. Intro to B Corps
  4. Municipal Engagements on Hospitals and Net Zero
  5. Intro to Net Zero Terminology and Concepts
  6. Transition Pathway Initiative
  7. Sustainability at PepsiCo
  8. Cybersecurity Risks and Municipal Water Systems
  9. Takeaways from Municipal Engagements


GRI: 3-1. 3-2