Our 2022 ESG Issuer Engagement Report summarizes more than 130 constructive dialogues held by Breckinridge analysts with bond issuers and SMEs. Our proactive, two-way interactions continue to add research insights about material risks that can affect the values of our investments and the enterprise operations of issuers.

We do this work because it explores real-world financial risks related to the environment, our society, and governance of corporate and municipal operations. From an investment and operational management perspective, engagement discussions also focus on tactics and efforts that can improve the way in which these risks are addressed.

We value the role of issuer engagement in our investment process and are committed to continue it.

Our materiality-based engagements in 2023 will include meeting with the companies representing 70 percent of our financed greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, in alignment with our Net Zero Asset Managers commitment.

If you would like to learn more about ESG engagement, you may be interested in additional reading such as How ESG Engagement Creates Value for Investors and Companies, from the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact.