Portfolio Management

Sara Chanda

Senior Vice President
Portfolio Manager

Sara, senior vice president, is a portfolio manager at Breckinridge. She is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee where she is jointly responsible for setting investment strategy, asset allocation and sector weightings. In her role, Sara is responsible for the day-to-day management and monitoring of client portfolios. Sara joined Breckinridge in 2010 as a trader and transitioned to portfolio management in 2013. She has over 17 years of industry experience. Prior to Breckinridge, Sara was a vice president and trader at Eaton Vance Management where she traded various specialty state mutual funds. In addition, she oversaw trading and operations for Eaton Vance’s separately managed accounts, focusing on systems automation projects. Before Eaton Vance, Sara was responsible for municipal bond trading at Fidelity Investments. Sara began her career at State Street Bank & Trust Co. She holds a BS in business administration from Providence College and an MBA from the Boston University School of Management.

On her role…

"As a member of our portfolio management team, I spend a lot of time and energy making sure that our client portfolios are getting the attention they need and are being invested the way they should be. That’s my No. 1 priority. In addition, I work closely with consultant relations in supporting our existing client base and cultivating new relationships. I’m also a member of the firm’s Investment Committee.

On the Investment Committee…

“The Investment Committee is a dynamic group. We all come from varied backgrounds, and I think this promotes healthy dialogue in deciding how to best position portfolios. We examine both the practical and the theoretical, including both macro and market factors. Our job is to align the two together. We talk a lot about where the rubber meets the road or where the art and science of investing come together. From there, it is a matter of translating that into our investment strategy, targets and tolerances for client portfolios.

On technology in Portfolio Management…

“Throughout my career, I’ve always had an interest in technology and how it can be used to make a team more efficient. What I like about technology here is that we have a hand in it. We are the true architects of what we want the technology to do for us. Technology has dramatically evolved in my time here at the firm and it is critical to our portfolio management process. It enables us to efficiently and effectively manage over 10,000 client portfolios and allows us to focus our time on what matters most.

On her personal experience at Breckinridge…

“Before Breckinridge I was a trader, but I had stepped out of the industry for seven years to care for my four children. Despite that absence, Breckinridge never had reservations about giving me the opportunity to re-enter the workforce when I was ready, and I think that says a lot about the firm. From the start, I wasn’t limited in how I could contribute to the company. I began as a trader in 2010 and made the transition to Portfolio Management in 2013. I’m grateful to be part of a company that values hard work and encourages internal mobility.

On Breckinridge culture…

“To me, Breckinridge’s culture is innovative, collaborative and visionary. Across all disciplines, whether in consultant relations, operations or the investment team, you are going to see those characteristics shape what we do.



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