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Consultant Relations

Christopher Day

Head, Intermediary Distribution


Chris is head, intermediary distribution at Breckinridge. In his role, Chris assists in setting overall consultant relations and business development strategy and manages many of the firm’s key relationships. He has been with the firm since 2004 and has over 22 years of investment industry experience. Prior to Breckinridge, Chris spent three years in institutional sales at Decision Economics Inc., a macroeconomic consulting firm based in Boston. He started his career in the marketing department of Putnam Investments. He received a B.A. in government and legal studies from Bowdoin College. Chris holds a Series 65 license.

On the role of Consultant Relations within Breckinridge…

“We are the face of Breckinridge for our clients and advisors. At Breckinridge, there is no separation between business development and relationship management, and I think having this consistent point of contact has helped us develop strong, long-lasting relationships.

On the strengths of his team…

“Our first strength is our level of market knowledge. We are singularly focused on one area of the financial markets, and I think that benefits our clients. Second, we all know our firm very well. That allows us to get the right answers for our clients quickly and efficiently. And third, we understand that each client is unique. They have different risk tolerances, investment objectives, liquidity needs and values. Our top priority is finding the right solution to fit each client.

On what clients value about Breckinridge…

“I think clients value the fact that we do exactly what we say we are going to do. There is no style drift here. We are grounded in our effort to preserve capital and maximize risk-adjusted return for our clients. Ultimately, our portfolios, whether taxable or tax-exempt, are intended to counterbalance risk assets—and we always remain faithful to that.

On what he is most proud of…

“I am proud of several things at Breckinridge. I am proud of the client relationships that we have built and the long-term nature of many of them. I am proud of our team. Consultant relations knows the market and our firm very well. Finally, I am proud that we are very focused on doing what is right for the client. This has been, is and will be our single most important task.

On what he finds most fulfilling…

“To this day, it’s having a really good call or meeting with a client—just gaining the sense that a client is very happy about the way we are managing their portfolio. To me, this validates what we do.