More Powerful Philanthropy

Breckinridge integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis in our investment process. We work with community foundations and financial advisors throughout the U.S. interested in understanding the alignment of charitable-giving and investing objectives.

Breckinridge Supports Community Foundations, Their Donors and Financial Advisors

Investors who make material charitable donations through donor-advised funds demonstrate a desire to amplify the impact of their wealth in ways that align with their values.

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Leveraging the Power of Three for Positive Charitable Outcomes

Leveraging the power of three to add greater dimension to a gifting plan can deepen and strengthen long-term relationships and enhance donor’s experience and impact. Learn how community foundations, financial advisors and investment managers with sustainable investing capabilities can work together to meet grantors’ goals.

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Giving and Investing Trends Converge for More Powerful Philanthropy

Leading trends in charitable giving and investment strategy are merging to offer more powerful options for investors who want to donate to charities. Donor-advised funds (DAFs) and ESG investment strategies are converging for greater philanthropic impact.

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We welcome the opportunity to work with you to target effective solutions that meet community needs and investors’ charitable goals. Contact Ariana Polk, relationship manager, at or 617-443-1120, to learn how we can help you convene a substantive learning event.