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ESG Newsletter published on April 4, 2016

Why ESG Integration Matters

The idea of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the investment process has been the subject of much debate in recent years. Some market participants believe that ESG integration is simply about screening investment opportunities based on a set of values, such as concerns about climate change or global health. Others think of ESG integration as a tool to screen out “bad industries” altogether. And then there are those who still question the merits of the entire exercise, due to fears that it could cripple investment returns.

At Breckinridge, we believe that taking into account extra-financial considerations, including ESG factors, is simply smart investment research. Through this additional lens, we gain a deeper understanding of the underlying value and risk profile of each investment opportunity over the long term.

Put another way, our interest in ESG factors is about extraordinary thoroughness and effort in evaluating an investment. It is akin to looking at that last footnote on the very last page of a lengthy financial report: We don’t want to miss anything that could potentially be relevant to our investment analysis.

But it is also about our time horizon. Unlike many others, we are willing and able to be patient. Our investment approach is rooted in the idea that understanding the long-term risk-return profile of an investment requires an expanded, more forward-thinking type of analysis. To us, market volatilities are weaved into a broader narrative.

These are the key principles behind our ESG integration framework, which we’ve been refining over the past four years. Through careful assessment of the material ESG considerations within each investment opportunity, we have been able to learn more about companies and municipalities whose bonds we buy.

As part of this process, we often ask ourselves questions such as: What is the underlying risk of a company’s governance practices? What are the potential benefits that can be derived from a company’s reduced environmental footprint? Why is a municipality issuing debt and how will this additional project capital benefit its residents?

Once we gather information through careful research, our analysis of financial and extra-financial factors enables us to determine our relative value for any given bond we consider. And what we discover and believe about each bond available to us may be different from the way other market participants see the same opportunity.

Where others may see a typical industrial company, we see a leader in employee safety with superb employee retention and a strong risk profile. Where others may see unnecessary R&D expenses, we see an innovative company looking to reposition itself for the future by developing more sustainable products.

We believe that our detailed, long-term-oriented investment research and analysis makes us better informed than the capital markets and, as a result, better able to allocate our clients’ assets, not only in terms of portfolio construction but also in terms of security selection. This can have important implications over the life of a bond, and, more importantly, over the life of a client portfolio.

We recognize that ESG integration is an evolving concept, and that there continue to be more questions than answers. But we believe that a keen focus on critical investment fundamentals – detailed research and a long-term investment horizon – has timeless relevance.


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